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MoCo Group is strike to develop an complete Online Casino Ecosystem, including MoCo Wallet, MoCo Exchange Platform, MoCo Casino and MoCo Gaming Platform to provide a complete full solution to online casino game player

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MoCo Exchange

 MoCo Casino

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MoCo Gaming

The MoCo gaming will be the first VR reality online Casino to transform online gaming experience with the physical Casino

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About us

The First Company strike to Online Casino Industry to Envolve

Virtual reality has come a long way since science-fiction movies like The Lawnmower Man. In the 21st century, virtual reality is very real. And it is in the process of completely rewriting the online casino industry. Virtual reality casinos use the latest technology to provide players with interactive and immersive experiences that are only a step away from being in a real-life bricks-and-mortar gambling establishment.

Yes We are here to bring you real-life VR casino.

Our Expertise
Our Online Casino are developed by our experienced game developer and backed by major casino game platform
Our Passion
We love Casino game and we know what casino player want and what you deserved
Our Vision
We are delighted to offer casino players a well-established environment to bridge dreams to become reality.
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All in one Platform
Large-scale service
We are developing a complete close circuit casino ecosystem to benefit our investors and followers.
Our Concerns
Ultra Security Paltform
Security is our main concerned for the development of all of our projects to offer a safe friendly security apps is our main goals

About MoCo Gaming

The First Gaming Platform offers True Reliaty Casino Experience

These casinos offer some of the best games including video baccarat, roulette, video poker, and blackjack. They are compatible with multiple devices such as Windows, iOS, Android as well as different headsets like Oculus Rift and Sony PlayStation. It does not come as a surprise that VR casinos are siphoning players from other platforms.


The future of virtual reality in online casinos is very promising. Many players are shifting to this new invention because of the many advantages it comes with it. The games are immersive, fun and with numerous winning opportunities. Although buying the VR headsets is still a big challenge to people with low income, we believe that they will become affordable soon. This will make VR casino gaming better than ever before.

All in one Platform
Backed By Top Investors
Exhaustive accounting records regularly audited. Aims to comply with all applicable regulations and international laws.
One-Stop Solution
Mobile App On The Go
Apps  and tools supporting for the online casino is under-developing to offer casino player a complete online casino ecosystem


The Benefits of Token Holders

You agree with our vision and work, But why you need invest?

We believe our work and trust ourselves and believe every casino players will agree with us to be one of the game changer in the casino industry. We offer up to 200% Bonus to the early bird investors

Development of Online Casino 70%
Developemnt for Moco Wallet 90%
Developemnt for the gaming Platform 50%
License, Legal Regualtion and Compliance 70%

1 MCC = 1 USDT

Softcap reached in 30 days

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one of the kick starter of the casino industry