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Cloud Mining trend

With the continuous upward breakthrough of bitcoin, mining enthusiasm is also growing. A large number of institutions and individuals pour into the “mining” service platform. The low threshold and more convenient cloud mining service is provided for new user.
Many companies have seen the growth and expansion speed of the cloud mining leader and have established cloud mining platforms one after another. This is trying to imitate and catch up with Bitcoin. Imitating competitive products may be an attractive strategy, but is it possible to “copy” as another Bitcoin Miner.

bitcoin image

bitcoin image

Nowadays once mining cloud service is mentioned, everyone will probably be the first to think of bitdeer. With the continuous development of mining industry, mining cloud model has become one of the important trends in the future. As the head service provider of cloud mining, bitdeer has never stopped its development and its scale is also expanding.

After the official split of bitmain, Wu Jihan officially announced in his password letter that bitdeer group was founded and served as the chairman. Bitdeer, as we know it, was officially incorporated into the group becoming a one-stop mining cloud service platform for global individual investors and institutional customers.

The business of BitDeer gets rid of the restrictions under the original framework and expands the development space. Under the leadership of Wu Jihan, a preacher in the blockchain industry, we may see that the brand-new BitDeer group can be promoted to go public one day in the future.

In November last year, at a summit jointly held by Bit Deer and other mining service providers, Bit Deer’s senior management pointed out that the scale of cloud mining industry is growing from 2015 dramatcially, providing a good link tool and crowd base for the development of mining industry. Mining industry is in urgent need of cloud change, which is the inevitable trend of future commercial development.
After BitDeer launched cloud hosting and institutional services, it launched a new computing power market model on February 19. Judging from the navigation bar settings of its official website, this may be a key direction for bit deer in the near future.

“B2C” platform for computing service providers

Bit Deer Mining Platform

Bit Deer Mining Platform

Opening the official website of Bitdeer platform, and on the “computing power market” page, you can roughly describe the business as follows:
The computing power market is a new service mode for bitdeer platform to introduce computing power products from external businesses, create an online dual selection platform of “bitdeer self owned computing power” + “external business computing power”, and open a new mining choice.
Businesses use the platform and release computing power products. When users purchase computing power products, businesses directly collect money, and provide computing power and after-sales services. Mining income is directly paid by the mine pool.

In the market model of computing power, bitdeer is only used as the sales channel of products. The specific computing power products are provided by the businesses of computing power, and the businesses are responsible for their products and after-sales services. It does not rule out the existence of third-party risks beyond the control of bitdeer.
From the official description, we can find that the computing market is a “B2C” platform for third-party computing service providers to settle in and provide cloud mining services to users of bitdeer platform.
Similar to the current Jingdong e-commerce platform, there are not only self operated products on the platform, but also third-party businesses to sell their computing products. Businesses are responsible for the pre-sales and after-sales services of the products.

In fact, the computing power market should be one of the inevitable trends in the development of mining cloud service platform. Similar to large-scale e-commerce B2C platforms, third-party businesses have been opened to settle in.

It is also an online sales product. With the large-scale growth of users, bitdeer self-operated computing products are in short supply, Therefore, every new product is quickly sold out.
The reporter learned from ye jiejie, who is in charge of bitdeer computing power business, “in line with the attitude of being responsible to users, bitdeer cooperative computing power businesses will undergo strict audit before entering, and give priority to the cooperation of old miners who have real mining machines, compliant mines and have been operating stably for many years. bitdeer joint industrial ecological partners to provide diversified services is to meet the needs of customers Meet the diversified needs of users in mining products. ”
It is better to integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the industry to create greater value for users and partners. We can see that in many industries, leading leaders are open platforms. Only large platforms can carry the needs of large-scale users.

“Since 2020, COVID-19 has caused a sharp increase in the consumption of electronic products and the impact of blockade on the global industrial chain since the home and telecommuting operations. There is a shortage of chips in all sectors of the world. The mining industry is no exception. In recent 1 years, the price of BTC has increased by 400%, while the computing power has only increased by 38%. In this case, it is necessary to choose reliable computing power suppliers. Because of its long-term excellent reputation in the industry, leibit is honored to become the first supplier of bit deer. ”

It is reported that the first batch of packages for the special show in the computing power market have been sold out and are on sale for the second batch. has a certain reputation and scale in the mining industry. In fact, in addition to the advantages mentioned by Jiang Zhuoer, the reason why is willing to settle in the bitdeer platform is that bitdeer, as a fast-growing “black horse in the industry”, has accumulated the industry background for two years, which is one of the important reasons why many platforms are difficult to imitate and catch up with bitdeer platform.

Is it possible to “copy” a second bit deer?


With the market rising, a lot of people want to get a share in the cloud mining market. However,  it does not mean any platform can do it as soon as it comes up. With its own resources and service advantages, bitdeer has built a strong competitive barrier in the mining cloud service industry.

1. Brand building and industry contribution

BitDeer entered the market from the field of cloud mining two years ago. Through its leading computing power cutting technology and excellent market operation ability, it quickly gained the trust of users and the market. Its brand and reputation in the industry have been beyond doubt.
The number of large-scale users is the core of the platform. As early as half a year ago, according to statistics, the monthly visit volume of bitdeer platform has exceeded 3 million, and the number of users has been growing steadily.
Bitdeer not only focused on serving users in these 2 years, but also helped to sort out the chaos mining industry set new standards, and gradually became orderly in the chaos. At the same time, it also carries out frequent cooperation in the industry, and last year’s “bit deer 421 Water Festival” has a great influence in the industry.

2. Industry scale and service capability

Bitdeer platform’s high-quality compliance mines are distributed all over the world (including Asia, America, Europe and other regions), with hundreds of thousands of mining machines under management. It is the largest mining cloud service platform in the industry, and its head effect is constantly emerging. All these are the strength guarantee for bitdeer to provide more high-quality services for users in the future.
For users and partners, bitdeer’s service ability of always focusing on users’ needs is obvious to all. Users who have been enjoying stable and safe services on its platform are difficult to change service providers.

3. More than two years of stable cultivation

After careful calculation, bit deer has been on the line since the bear market in 2018. It has been constantly bringing forth new ideas and focusing on business. So far, it has been working steadily for more than two years.
In the bull market, with the rapid rise of market price, the influx of mining crowd has been spawned, and the number of platforms that want to gain a share of the cloud mining market and make a wave of fast money has suddenly increased. However, most platforms in the current market are difficult to compare with bit deer in terms of service capacity and asset scale.

4. Bitdeer is running ahead

Bitdeer’s innovative business models, such as power outage 1:1 delay, accelerated cost recovery model, and pintuan cloud hosting, are often reused in the market. More and more platforms imitate bitdeer, which also shows the market’s affirmation of bitdeer.
After upgrading to a one-stop “mining cloud service” platform, bitdeer is no longer limited to “cloud mining” and “cloud hosting”. Coupled with the newly launched “computing power market” new model, its mining service ecology has formed a deep barrier.
At present, bitdeer’s customers include “global individual investors” and “institutional customers”, and its service scope and service mode are constantly expanding.


Bitdeer has always been known as the “breaker” in the industry, and many peers are still reusing the service standards and business models of bitdeer. As the founder of mining cloud service industry standards, bitdeer, who always focuses on services, has a very stable position in the hearts of users. If you want to “copy” a leader, you can imagine how difficult it is.
Today’s bit deer has once again broadened the scope of platform services through computing power market business, and also opened up unlimited space for its own development. It may be said that mining is the best way to enter bitcoin, and bitdeer platform has become the first choice for users to participate in mining.