MoCo aims to stimulate Casino Industry to envolve

How MoCo Coin Works


The Benefits of MoCo Coins Holders

Buying Bonus
Every MoCo Coins you bought on the Pre-ICO Phrase will be 200% rewarded once MoCo Casino is opened
More Games, More Possibilities
We are dedicated to quickly launch new casino providers and swiftly facilitate clients’ access to markets, on top of continuously renewing their existing game collection.
Fully-managed Casino Platform Solution
We provide a fully-managed and robust online casino platform. This time-tested casino platform was specifically designed to enable operators with full control over their operations.
Dedication to Offer Excellent Service Level
Our team is committed to maintaining best casino online while offering support and ongoing feedback. We work closely with our clients to review their gaming bonus, optimize KPIs.
The MoCo Wallet is equipped with the ERC-20 and Cosmos network in order to offer fast and secure transaction
Debit Card Ready
Debit Card is ready for user to spending the money in the wallet
Lower Exchange Rates
Cross Border Transaction fee will be the lowest in the industry
Guaranteed execution
Every transaction is rated by both parties, and the reputation of each
Launching your ICO
It is more than easy for you to launch your own ICO
MoCo Coin Wallet
with the usage of MoCo Exchange Platform and MoCo Wallet, MoCo Wallet is the ideal wallet to the casino user.
Global Coverage
MoCo Exchange aims to become the most dispensable Exchange Platform designed for the Casino Industry. Global coverage and presence in all countries of the World.
Supported By the Token Expert
The Algorithm is designed and coded by the world’s Top Class cryptocurrency exchange and usage of the COSMOS network to provide a fast and stable environment infrusture to the exchange transaction

MoCo Coins

MoCo Coin Ready

MoCo Coins are available for you to play on our online Casinos

MoCo Wallet

MoCo Wallet Ready

Each Player will be allocated with Wallet and the Currency will be available

Moco Exchange

MoCo Exchange

With our Moco Exchange Platform, user is able to exchange cryptocurrency in the lowest rate

Algorithm Performance

How it Works

Built on proven security and technological record. A high level of digital asset protection and safe record of transactions.


$50 Billions USD

Excepted revenue of coins by 2020

8 M



Faster transaction speed

moco coin VR oculus

About Moco Gaming

The First Real dealer with VR Technology

Discover the first VR online casino application that allows you to play for real money. Enjoy your own private casino room with more than 40 of our most popular games available and experience your favorite online casino like never before – it’s a virtual new world.

360º video of SlotsMillion VR

Discover every inch of our new SlotsMillion VR casino in this 360º video visit1 October 2015

Swipe preview

SlotsMillion VR: Virtual Reality in the Gambling Industry

About VR Gaming

What features do virtual reality casinos include?

Realistic Slot Machines
As VR casinos become more popular, more and more 3D slot games will be launched.
3D Game Tables.
At MoCo Casino, players can choose their seats at 3D game tables or VR Camera game Table, as well as engage with other players and interact with a live dealer.
In-game Chats
Being able to chat with other players and the dealers enhances your gaming experience no end and allows you to feel further that you are in a real-life casino.
Detailed Game Rooms
You can walk through finely-detailed game rooms and explore them in fully-immersive 3D and Reality Physical Casino


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